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If I had to pinpoint three areas that I enjoy working in the most, it would be the figure, pattern, and greyscale. Whenever I am looking at the work of other artists, it is these subjects that always catch my eye first, and what inspire my own ideas.

In my figurative work I am interested in dance and movement, not just in the obvious subjects like the dancers but also in the way I draw them and the media I use to create the work. I have experimented with collage and surfaces in some of the pieces, but I do also have a fondness for a simple pencil drawing.

My pattern work is heavily influenced by my travels around south-east Asia,and started off as just doodles. I love creating the intricate, slightly obsessive designs in black and white, and from there I started to take the work in a 3D direction with quilling techniques. Most recently I have got myself a pyrography pen and am now experimenting with pattern on different surfaces.

This gallery contains images of my finished work, if you would like to see what I am currently working on, check my blog or facebook page where I post regular updates.


New Contemporaries Exhibition at Gallery at St Martins, Lincoln
18 – 24th August 2014

This is a group exhibition featuring work by myself, painter Carl Blades and a paper cutting artist who doesn’t put his name on his business cards, held at the Gallery at St Martins, Lincoln, from 18th – 24th August. 



This was my first attempt at a proper mixed media piece that I had on the go for months and months, alongside my commissions. I wanted to find a good way to encorporate line work, colour, collage, and my trademark pencil drawings. I liked the idea of picking out one...

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