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My art workshops are designed to be exercise for your creative brain, and encourage development of skills beneficial to all age ranges, such as creative thinking, idea generation, problem solving and practical skill. They are not just about learning a new technique, but can be used for group cohesion, mental wellbeing or just to have a bit of fun!

I have a very broad range of skills at my disposal for general art activities. For more advanced techniques I specialise in all the key aspects of drawing, such as perspective and other technical methods, figurative, and handling of media.

All my workshops are designed on an individual basis for each group of participants, and can range from an hour to several weeks in duration. Combined with my degree in Illustration and subsequent professional practice, I have eleven years experience in arts education at primary and secondary level, and I have been running the Arts Award at Bronze through to Gold for the past six years.

The links below show examples of some of the activities I have led recently. If you would like to discuss any ideas for workshops with your organisation, please get in touch via the contact page or by emailing

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