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Portrait Commissions


All my commissions have been drawn from a photograph or combination of photographs, and vary in size from 20x25cm to 60x60cm or larger. All artwork is undertaken after a consultation, and I keep a close dialogue with the client throughout the process to ensure the piece perfectly meets your expectations.

Portraits can be completed in any of the styles you see here, however I am an artist and always love the idea of doing something new! So if you see anything else around my site that catches your interest, or you are just a bit stuck for ideas, get in touch and we can have a chat.

Time scales vary but if you are thinking of having a piece commissioned and you have a deadline in mind, please allow a minimum of 1 month for a small piece, and 2 or more months for large or complex pieces.



This portrait was commissioned by a couple who I have worked for before, and they are always quite eager for me to try out new things. The thing that stood out from the photo they gave me to work from was the colours in George’s t-shirt...


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