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The Big Draw 2014

This October I took on my biggest workshop challenge to date for the Big Draw 2014. Based on ideas I have been using in my own work recently, I planned for students (and staff!) at Kesteven and Sleaford High School to make some huge mandala chalk patterns on the ground leading up to and around the main school building.

I did one myself first thing in the morning as an example. The rest were drawn by students from years 7 to 13, with the older students plotting out the complex geometric patterns to use as a guide, and everyone else filling them with colourful patterns. Everyone was so enthusiastic, and there were so many eager volunteers that by the end of the day we had covered more than DOUBLE the space I thought we would get done! The finished effect was so spectacular that it warranted a trip up on to the roof of the school in order to get the best photos. This definitely was a very BIG draw!

Here are a selection of photos from the day...

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