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Murals for Jump Revolution, Grantham

The Brief

Design two murals for party rooms at the newly opened Jump Revolution trampoline park in Grantham. Colour schemes must fit in with the branding of the company, the key colours being red, yellow, green, purple, black and grey. Also to include in the design elements from the 'Jump Revolution' logo, namely stars and jumping figures.

The clients initial thoughts were based around the concept of 'freedom to bounce', the idea of escaping the city, and a feeling of energy and youth. So the words 'Freedom To Bounce' appear in one of the murals, and the theme of the cityscape is repeated in both designs.

The Designs

Mural 1

For mural 1, which is the largest, the main focus of the design is the text which is drawn in an informal style similar to a graffiti type, but 'toned down' a little to appeal to the target age range of users of the party rooms, ages 5-12 in the main. To conjure the feeling of freedom the rest of the design is based around cloud shapes exploding forwards, with the cityscape creating a subtle border in the background. As this is a fairly large room, the colours are bright and vibrant as there is enough space to pull them off.

Mural 2

Mural 2 is in a much smaller room, so for this reason I toned the colours down quite a lot, but still kept to the original colour scheme. To try and make both murals as different as possible while still sticking to the brief I designed this mural as more of a 'scene', and it does not contain any text. To keep continuity, the cityscape and cloud ideas are repeated, but the figures are more prominent in this design.

The Final Artwork

Each of these murals took about a week in total to complete, and measure approximately 5.5 x 2.5 metres. I varnished them with a flat-matt protective coating to help keep them looking spick and span. Process photos are below, along with photos of the finished murals!

Completed mural in party room 1

Completed mural in party room 2

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