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Leap 'Values' Mural Project

After the success of the Sincil Bank community art project, Leap decided to get me back to help with some murals for their residence on Monson street.

The company had come up with six core values that they would be taking forward, so the brief was to create six murals that illustrated these words, to be displayed in the hallways of the residences.

"Supportive", "Educating", "Consistent", "Understanding", "Respectful", "Empowering".

I met with some of the young people who live there, and we brainstormed a few ideas that I was able to take away and work up into initial design ideas. I decided to take a mostly typographical approach - the young people and staff would be doing most of the painting on their own, so my designs had to take that into account.

After a few discussions and feedback, we settled on the six designs below. Each mural is 8ft x 4ft and painted on hardboard which would be fixed to the wall later. I drew out the pencil linework, and then went back in at the end of the project to do some tweaking and tidying of the painting.

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