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Lost Village Festival 2017

This bank holiday weekend I've been at Lost Village Festival at Norton Disney, with outdoor arts company Walk The Plank, laying on the pyro for the weekend.

If you haven't encountered Lost Village before, it's a bit different from your normal music festival. There's a story behind it all, and they have a cast that do various performance pieces around the site throughout the weekend, leading up to a grand finale which Walk The Plank designed. Last year I worked the show day, however this year I was there for the full four days leading up to the final show as well.

The designs the guys at WTP come up with for this show are really cool - it's amazing what you can strap fireworks to! This year Pauline the Pyro Pondskater was back, floating in the middle of the lake, flanked by two pyro canoeists (what a job title) and with a backdrop of shells in the field behind the lake.

I didn't get chance to take many photos of the show, but below you can see a few promo shots taken by the Walk The Plank photographer on the night.

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