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I splashed out and treated myself to a Peter Child pyrography machine on the recommendation of another artist, and it was definitely worth the money. Not only is it's pen smaller and more realistically 'pen-like' than every other machine i've come across, but you can change the nibs too. They are made of wire, so you can shape them how you please, sharpen them to a point, flatten them, make shapes for repeat patterns...all sorts!

Regular viewers will know I love to do tiny detailed patterns, and I can get really good results using the Peter Child machine on wood. So far I've been buying a lot of wooden spoons and chopping boards from The Range, oh yes and pegs they are good too! Had to do a lot of practice to get my hand in, but oh the posibilities of things I could do with this, it's so exciting!

Meanwhile, lots of people are getting pyrography-based Christmas presents this year...

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